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The Phaeli

Her journey had taken her to many unexpected places, each more fascinating than the last. It felt good being out here, away from the small, dull village her uncle used to oversee. She made sure to sketch some of the creatures she saw along the way and locations she enjoyed exploring. They would make for great stories one day.

Among some of her favourite adventures was the time she met the Phaeli in the distant lands of Thilyhir. How curious and exotic they were. She had never seen anything like them. Their eyes were black as coal and their skin a gorgeous shade of purple. Petal-like shapes draped down their shoulders like a scarf. They were a kind and peaceful people, very different from humans, who had been increasingly obsessed with Mantras and technology as of late.

"Perhaps we could learn from the Phaeli and enjoy the simpler things in life" she thought.

She was grateful for their hospitality, and from them, she took scents and paint, along with fond memories she would cherish

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