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Elyin Goldpace, the Timeweaver

Another one for Mantra! This one was done 100% in Procreate / iPad Pro.

"Timeweaving requires that the users sacrifice some of their own lifespan to be cast, which is why chronomancy is one of the highest paying careers an individual can pursue. It's also the reason why skills such as time travel and time stop are by no means feasible, since it would most likely result in the chronomancer's death. Therefore, the most common and versatile use of Timeweaving is tending to farms by providing the crops with a rapid and consistent growth.

Elyin has mastered this proccess to an extent where it will only consume a very small fraction of his lifespan. He does get a little... reckless when it comes to his romantic endeavors, however."

Raphael massarani untitled 1
Raphael massarani 5details


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initial doodle that led to the painting